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01 Jul 2021

The best two tyres for the MMR Asturias Bike Race


PIRELLI, official tyre sponsor of MMR Asturias Bike Race advises you the best tyres to mount on your wheels in order to face the race with total guarantee and safety.

The MMR Asturias Bike Race is the newest race of the Bike Race family, being in this 2021 the third edition, coinciding in number with the stages. 3 circular stages with start and finish in Oviedo and about 180 kilometres to enjoy mountain biking.

Oviedo stands out d by an oceanic climate, rainy and with strong winds. Participants are likely to be confronted with a number of setbacks. The area has been raining for a few weeks, so the terrain will be wet and muddy, so be prepared with good tyres, although better weather conditions are expected over the weekend.

PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC S for the front wheel and PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC R for the rear wheel.

Having made reference to the weather in Oviedo and the type of terrain that cyclists may encounter throughout the 3 stages of the MMR Asturias Bike Race, we can define a single set of tyres for all days. Thus, for both parts of the race, we can say that the ideal tyre would be one that works perfectly in wet, wet and muddy areas. PIRELLI's choice is the PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC S and the PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC R. Both tyres are special for soft terrain as they drain very well and thanks to their lug arrangement they prevent the accumulation of mud on the tyres.  In addition, they have excellent grip for handling in areas where mud is abundant.

Therefore, the best choice is to mount on the front wheel the PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC S, a tyre with more space between lugs to increase manoeuvrability; and for the rear wheel the PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC R, a tyre with smaller, less spaced lugs that will improve grip during traction and while braking.







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