Information / Route

STAGE 1 - 54,4 km / 1.925 m+

The first stage will cover 54,4 kilometres with 1.925 metres of elevation gain and will have two feed stations (Km 12,7 & 33,4). A stage with intense climbs that will be rewarded with the beauty of the surroundings. It runs towards the southeast of Pola de Siero reaching the Cruz hill, from where you see Picos de Europa. Afterwards you climb the slopes of Peña Mayor to return to Pola de Siero taking the final descent of Castiello. A twisty singletrack that runs through a dark forest.

STAGE 2 - 73,8 km / 2.520 m+

The queen stage due to its length, elevation and variety. It will cover nearly 74 kilometres with 2.520 metres of elevation gain and runs through the northeast of Pola de Siero. It will begin along the Moncó pass to connect, alternating trails and asphalt, with the Fumarea pass, from where you begin a loop along the Peón range. Fast tracks above the sea, alternating forests and meadows. You return to the Fumarea pass and begin to climb to the Cima peak, from where you descend to the Rioseca valley passing by the Cuatro Jueces peak, also overlooking the Cantabrian coast. The route goes into the Deva park, and then climbs to Baldornón, through the Rioseca valley, until you reach the Gavio hill and descend its forest. You return to Pola de Siero in the opposite direction to which you came from. It will have three feed stations (Km 13,4 34,4 y 48,7).

STAGE 3 - 51,1 km / 1.484 m+

The third and last stage will be the shortest and with less elevation. A rural and historic route, since it goes along the GR105, where according to the legend, Pelayo moved his troops in the Reconquest battles, and a pilgrimage route to Covadonga. A stage of 51 kilometres and 1.484 metres of climbing with two feed stations (Km 11,4 & 33,2), that will go through woods with fun singletracks and will finish with the Castiello descent.




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