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27 Apr 2022

Official route of MMR Asturias Bike Race

In this fourth edition, both its routes and its locations are renewed for the three days of competition in Asturias.

This fourth edition of MMR Asturias Bike Race is completely renewed, and will have two main venues: Oviedo and Pola de Siero, will be the main protagonists of this fourth edition that will cover 145 kilometers with about 4,000 meters of climbing. On the one hand, the capital of the Principality will host the first two stages, while Pola de Siero will bring down the curtain on a fourth edition that comes with renewed routes, new trails and spectacular areas where cyclists will enjoy their passion.

STAGE 1: 29 km and 860 m+

The first great novelty of this MMR Asturias Bike Race lies in the location of the paddock. With the aim of expanding the space for the participants, making it even more comfortable and adding the services that the cyclist may need, the Equestrian Center "El Asturcón" will be the nerve center for both the first and the second stage.

The opening day will run entirely through Monte Naranco. Undoubtedly, the green lung of the city of Oviedo for participants to enjoy a unique environment and privileged views. It will be a short but intense stage. Monte Naranco will be climbed on the north side, passing through towns like Ladines or Pevidal. A stage where we will have views of the environment in a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view as well as views of Oviedo in the background. 

STAGE 2: 71.13 km and 1,889 m+

After the first day, it's time to head north. Starting at the Equestrian Center "El Asturcón" again, the cyclists will experience the longest stage of this MMR Asturias Bike Race. More than 70 kilometers in the purest XCM style, with a first part looking for the Bufarán and Pedroso mountain ranges. The ascent to the Bufarán mountain range will be a real window to the Bay of Biscay, Avilés and its estuary, while the descent through a spectacular trail will not leave anyone indifferent.

FINISHER STAGE: 45.09 km and 1,209 m+

From Oviedo, the race will move to Pola de Siero to experience the last and final stage. On this day, the cyclists will enjoy an area that in 2018 they already began to glimpse, but that in this edition they will fully savor.

More details of the route, here.







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