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23 Jun 2022

Bike Race by Garmin Segments

New challenge for a unique jersey in the final general classification

Garmin continues supporting Bike Race by Octagon Esedos, and repeats the action of the last edition: a new category called 'Bike Race by Garmin Segments' where each day there will be a winner and a winner, being the one with the best time in the segment of each stage who will receive Garmin merchandising products. On the last day, the overall winners of this new category will win the exclusive leader's jersey of the Bike Race by Garmin Segments. 

How to participate in the Bike Race by GARMIN Segments?

1 / Be registered in MMR Astutrias Bike Race

2 / Be a follower of the club on STRAVA: https://www.strava.com/clubs/950544?hl=es-ES 

3 / Have your profile on STRAVA open or make your activity public on STRAVA, the same day of the stage just after arriving at the finish line, and before 18:00 hours. For the last stage, they must be published before the prize-giving ceremony. 

For each stage, the winner will be given a set of GARMIN merchandising products, as well as the leader's jersey for the male and female runner who tops the classification.

Video: What are Bike Race by Garmin Segments?






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