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03 Jul 2018

David Ovín (Tándem Oviedo-Alvemaco)

The Asturian David Ovín (Tandem Oviedo-Alvemaco), frequent rider of MTB stage races, faces this first edition of MMR Asturias Bike Race after a season in which the results have accompanied him.

The attractiveness of MMR Asturias Bike Race is...

The great paradise we have in Asturias with its great landscapes, its great people and especially its great gastronomy.

You face MMR Asturias Bike Race...

With a lot of enthusiasm and desire to ride on home soil.

You hope to find...

A great race with spectacular routes under a great organisation as in all races organised by Octagon. I have two Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano and two La Rioja Bike Race presented by Shimano.

Your goals are…

The main goal is to enjoy it, and if it’s possible with good feelings. It would be a good way to end the MTB season.

What you value most...

A good and well marked route, where there’s terrain for everyone and to be able to enjoy it. Once at the finish line, a good feed station to talk about the stage’s "adventures"with the other riders.

Your recommendation is...

The most important thing is to know yourself, to know where each one has its limits, and from there to go day by day, without forgetting to eat and hydrate well.

Your beginnings in the Mountain Bike were…

Eight years ago I decided to race mountain bikes after leaving the road. I began riding on weekends, I got more involved and until today.






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