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08 Jul 2018

The first winners of MMR Asturias Bike Race

Victor Manuel Fernández (Wolfbike) from Córdoba and Mónica Carrascosa from Asturias (Bikezona), have handled the advantage achieved in the three days of racing and have achieved the victory in EliteMen and Elite Women. The first edition of MMR Asturias Bike Race is already history. An edition in which the riders have overcome 180 km and 6.000 m of climbing in three days of racing. Three stages marked by the intensity of its route, the beauty of its landscapes and a guest: the mud, which has intensified the race’s epic.

In today's stage, the third and last of this first edition, the names of Victor Manuel Fernández and Mónica Carrascosa have stood out. The first because, despite having crossed the finish line in second place behind David Ovin (Tandem Oviedo-Alvemaco), has managed to control the advantage obtained during the previous two days and has won Elite Men category. "The terrain, the track and the landscape have surprised me a lot. The route has been spectacular since the first day. In some sections we found a lot of mud, but it was a wonderful race, with very hard climbs, but also very balanced”, said Fernández, exhausted and excited to reach the finish line and with his mind set on the XCO national championship in a few weeks.

As far as the Elite Women category concerns, there have been no surprises. After two victories in three stages, Mónica Carrascosa has been the final winner in her category. "Today I clearly knew that I was going to look after the mechanics; I did not want any mistake that would lead me to not finish the stage. The girls, decided to ride together from the beginning, to cover each other. We have been pulling; I lead them in the descent and on we relaxed on the climbs. Diana was the only one who felt stronger in the last climb before the last feed station and broke away. I did not want to attack, just finish well and enjoy my land, said Carrascosa. Diana Fernández (Sport Cycle), was the first Elite Women to reach the finish line in today's stage.

And also, one more day, the first woman to reach the goal was Rocio Gamonal. The current Spanish Champion in Cross Country Elite, who ran at home, has competed in Master Category 30. "I am very happy to have won in front of my countrymen and my fans. I had a lot of advantage with respect to the next participant so I decided to go out to regulate, enjoy and not suffer as much as in the previous stages. This victory gives me a lot of strength for my next goal: the Master World Championship.

A demanding and fun stage

The third and last stage of the first edition of MMR Asturias Bike Race was the shortest and the one with the least climbing. It has gone through a rural and historical route, along the GR105 where, according to legend, Pelayo moved his troops in the Reconquest battles and pilgrimage route to Covadonga. A stage with less mud than the two previous ones, which has gone through forests with fun singletracks and has ended with the descent of Castiello.


Elite Men Overall Standings

1. Victor Fernandez 07:56:20

2. David Ovin 07:58:10

3. Pedro Romero 08:04:31

Elite Women Overall Standings

1. Monica Carrascosa 11:02:53

2. Marta Tora 11:14:32

3. Diana Fernandez 11:17:02

Master Women Overall Standings

1. Rocio Gamonal 09:55:14

2. Natalia Montalvo 12:52:37

3. Elena Gonzalez 13:20:26

Master 30 Overall Standings

1. Miguel Valles 08:37:55

2. Javier Salmeron 08:42:40

3. Santos Martin 08:42:52

Master 40 Overall Standings

1. Agustin Navarro 08:27:22

2. Oscar Poyuelo 08:49:13

3. David Alonso 08:53:58

Master 50 Overall Standings

1. Jose Manuel Perez 09:46:44

2. Javier Puente 09:49:38

3. Daniel Alvarez 10:05:17

Teams Overall Standings

1. Asturias Team 29:05:05

2. RG Team 30:04:19

3. BH Factory Team 30:35:44






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