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04 Jun 2018

“There will be a combo of unique experiences, routes and spectacular views”

Pablo Rodríguez, member of the MMR Factory Racing team and ambassador of MMR Asturias Bike Race, outstands for being the 2015 XCO Under 23 European champion.

Young, experienced and discreet, very soon his results pointed him as a MTB promise, who’s today one of the best in this sport, having leaded the Under 23 World Cup and achieving sensational results in the elite category.  

Aware of Asturias and all its natural possibilities, what do you recommend the riders who face MMR Asturias Bike Race?

To enjoy the race as much as possible, besides the result, there will be a combo of unique experiences, routes and spectacular views. To look further than the wheel of who is in front and after reaching the paddock, to share it with the other riders. Asturias is a paradise for mountain biking, I believe its routes will make the race shine.

What does it mean to you to be the ambassador of an event such as MMR Asturias Bike Race, which comes to complete an important and renown offer of MTB stage races and which maybe the North of Spain was missing?

It thrills me, with the growth that stage races are having, it’s important for me and for my brand, MMR, as sponsor of the race. It will bring us closer to the people who look for these competitions.


You’ve taken part in Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano, what would you outstand of the MTB races organised by Octagon Esedos?

The perfect organisation of the routes, they always manage to make the most out of the area where they pass, showing pure mountain biking.


Besides that your speciality is cross country (XCO), what do you most value of a MTB stage race?

I would outstand the beauty of amateur and professional cyclists living together, both can share the experiences, something that’s not possible for example at a professional road race.


How do you psicologically and physically face the competitions along the year?

There’s a very important base training in the winter, at the beginning of the year I like a lot to take part in stage races such as Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano in order to start to get race pace facing the more demanding XCO. And to finish off the year, which I usually end very motivated, I would like to be at GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano before taking holidays. They are races which mentally release me quite a lot and make me enjoy mountain biking in another manner.


How’s your season going? You now face one of the most important parts of the year with different World Cup races.

I have just began the strongest block of the World Cup, I feel good, but have many goals for the final part of the season, especially the World Championship. I continue to work for the world’s most important XCO races, using races such as MMR Asturias Bike Race as an important part of my physical preparation.






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