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30 May 2019

Mineralised AQUAdrink water sources!

AQUAdrink will provide its mineralised water at all feed stations

The renown water treatment brand Best Water Technology (BWT), a leading company in water technology in Europe and sponsor of the Sportpesa Racing Point Formula 1 team, joins 2019 MMR Asturias Bike Race 2019 and will be at all feed stations with its mineralised water sources.

The AQUAdrink filter range offers a healthy, tasteless and mineralised water with the conviction that the best water must be from the tap.

Thanks to the AQUAdrink technology, all the MMR Asturias Bike Race feed stations will have mineralised water enriched with magnesium, a trace element very related to sports performance improving muscle contraction.

AQUAdrink will also give a cycling bottle to all the riders.


Gourmet water

With five glasses of AQUAdrink mineralised water, up to 20% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium is covered. Now you can have the best tap water in your house.

Do you want to know them better? www.aqadrink.es






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