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13 Jun 2018

The ten feed stations of MMR Asturias Bike Race

Powerade, Aquarius, Coca-Cola, Zumosol and Cuétara will sponsor the feed stations.

MMR Asturias Bike Race will offer ten feed stations. In the first stage there will be two feed stations on the route (Km 12 and 33), and a final at the finish line (Km 54). In the second stage, the queen for its length and elevation gain, there will be three (Km 24, 36 and 61), besides the one at the finish line (Km 74). The third and last stage will have two feed stations (Km 11 and 33), and finish line (Km 51).

Powerade and Aquarius will offer sports drink but you’ll also find water and Zumosol juice, fresh fruit such as bananas and oranges, nuts, sandwiches and Cuétara biscuits. Additionally, there will always be Coca-Cola at the finish line.






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