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04 Jun 2019

“I want to discover Asturias”

Clàudia Galicia, former Andalucía Bike Race 2014 winner, four times La Rioja Bike Race as well and two YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race victories, will make her debut at MMR Asturias Bike Race.

Without any doubt, you’re one of the main stars of the race. Why are you competing this year?

I’m very excited and looking forward to participate. I don’t know how this race is, everybody speaks well about it and it’s a zone (Asturias) that I haven’t raced yet. The fact of discover this part of Spain and I a bike, makes this race very special.


What do you expect of this MMR Asturias Bike Race?

People told me so much about this amazing landscapes and it’s exactly what I expect. Beautiful and amazing landscapes. I’ve seen it in pictures and I’m really impressed.


You’ve recently raced at Nove Mesto Cross Country World Cup. How could help to you a race like this?

I raced with just four weeks of training, so I couldn’t do anything more. I’m pretty sure this MMR Asturias Bike Race will help me to get a better shape. After participating here I will feel stronger and this is, without a doubt, my main goal. It’s a race that for the number of stages and the kind of them, arrives in a perfect moment.


We’re sure that you’re going to be in the front, who do you think that could be the main contenders for the final victory?

I think that there is three names to pay attention. Natalia Fischer is one of them, also Janika Loiv or Hildegunn Hovdenak. I’m pretty sure that they are going to have a great performance.


By the way, most of the participators are going for the full suspension bike. Are you going too?

Yes, absolutely. The long stages and the steep climbs and downhills are the reasons why. I’m more comfortable with this kind of bike. It will be a lot of hours in the saddle, so the full suspensions make everything easier.






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