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11 Jun 2019

See you in 2020!

The second edition of MMR Asturias Bike Race says goodbye until next year

The second dition of MMR Asturias Bike Race that was held from June 6-9 has been successfully completed, and from the organisation we want to thank all the agents involved for their collaboration.

We are very happy and proud of the work done and we want to thank everyone every moment of these four magical days. Train well and be prepared ... because the clock that counts the days left for MMR Asturias Bike Race 2020 is already underway!

Thanks to all of you, riders, sponsors, Marshals and Asturias Turismo and Institutions of Tineo and Lugones who were involved in the race, the trust they place in the organisation of MMR Asturias Bike Race and all the facilities obtained to celebrate it one more year.

The combination of surroundings, gastronomy, sports and tourism means that we can organise and celebrate such exciting races and making the race growing year after year.

See you in 2020 with more MTB with designation of origin!






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