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06 Feb 2020

The best services, available to all participants

Do you know the services that MMR Asturias Bike Race offers?

A competition like MMR Asturias Bike Race always wants to provide the best possible services to participants. That is why the organization is committed to offer a wide range of quality services during the competition days (July 2-5). Thus, you only have to worry about pedaling.

This year the great novelty will be the main venue and the Paddock. It will be located in the Palacio de los Deportes of Oviedo, an ideal space to facilitate the logistics of the MMR Asturias Bike Race and all its participants. However, the essence of previous editions will remain intact in a natural paradise such as Asturias. Remember that the inscriptions are already open.

On this basis, routes of pure MTB through Asturian lands; better logistics; attractive dates coinciding with participants’ holidays; Bike Race experience; the best national riders; and also first level services such as the following… are guaranteed.


Official Shimano Service: If you have any mechanical problem, a Shimano truck is always located at the paddock and its Blue Cars cover some strategic points of each stage.

Bicycle washing area: KH-7 will handle of bicycle washing area. A KH-7 team will be in washing area cleaning your bike and applying its product.

Bicycle warehouse: Every stage will have a reserved, roofed and guarded space to leave the bicycle.

Feed stations: Solid and liquid feed stations along the route and at the finish line. They have fruit, nuts, water, sports drinks, etc. The drinks will be served in jars and plastic cups, and the food chopped and pealed.

Toilets and showers & changing rooms: The sports facilities have changing rooms with showers and toilets available during every day of the event.

Cloakroom: Guarded place where the riders can leave their warm-up clothes (as long as it is placed in a tagged bag), and collect it after the stage at the finish line.

Medical service: The race has strong safety measures along the route as well as a field hospital at the paddock. There’s also a telephone number on various items, which can be called in case of an emergency.

Vehicle parking: Don’t worry about your vehicle. Nearby the paddock there is space to park vehicles of riders, companions and visitors.

Sportograf photos: Sportograf will be in charge of the photography service and will offer a customized lot for each participant at the end of the race. You will only have to access their website and enter your bib number. As a novelty, if you hire the photo pack (Photo-Flat) at the time of registration, you will save 10€.






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